Why Intentional Color?

Have you been agonizing over those same paint chips for months and have been unable to select a paint color for your room. Selecting paint colors can be overwhelming, as there are thousands tints, tones and shades of colors to select from. Paint color is a powerful design tool and is the least expensive way to give a room personality and to transform your environment. If you are like most people, you really want a sophisticated color scheme for your home, but lack the confidence to choose the right colors. The fear of choosing the wrong paint colors may be enough to stop you from even trying. The purpose of an Intentional Color Consultation is to remove your doubts and fears about choosing paint colors. Let us guide you through the process and we will help you express your own sense of style and your love of color. If your home is in need of a sophisticated and exciting color transformation, click below to find out how we can help you confidently select the perfect color scheme for your home with an Intentional Color Consultation.


If you need help choosing your finishes, paint colors and/or decorating for a renovation of your current home or a new house build, we will provided you with all the information and ideas you need to carry your project forward.

When you are updating your home, sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got, a carpet or sofa you are not able to replace now, but you want a fresh look. I have lots of advice for blending new color and furnishing to give your home a fresh look, even when finishes are less than perfect.

Your investment in getting a professional color recommendations will save you thousands of dollars by making sure you select the right color the first time. An Intentional Color Consultation will help you avoid wasting money on the wrong paint color or furnishings that have to be replaced or redone.