Want to get “Top Dollar” for your listing? Need help  with online presence to get it sold?

If your considering a price reduction, STOP and read this now.


Successful product marketing is all about connecting emotionally with home buyers.  Is buying a home an emotional decision? YES!! Because buying a home is the most emotional purchase of a buyer’s life, so doesn’t it make sense that a seller would try and tap into those “emotions” by creating areas in the home that allow buyers to imagine themselves in and aspire to live in the home?


“Specific strategic staging steps” to help improve the online presence and appearance of your MLS listing.

This 60 minute appointment consist of our certified home stager walking thru the home with seller and/or realtor.  RUMI will give expert design ideas and practical update recommendations to highlight the beautiful features and downplay the negative features, this also includes a staging report and staging demo with pictures you can use for online listing.

Our RUMI Pre-Listing Walk-Thru Evaluation is a valuable tool to help kick start and improve your listing’s online presence.  Let us help you serve your clients with the best options available to help market and sell their property.

RUMI Pre-Listing Evaluation includes 60 minute consult, staging report and bonus staging demo with accessories for online pictures.


Why use RUMI?

  1. Show your clients or potential leads you have a “team” working to help market their listing.
  2. We want to be a part of “your” team and will explain to the home seller the importance of merchandising the home to appeal to buyers.
  3. Save yourself from the uncomfortable conversation of telling the seller their home is NOT ready.
  4. As a design professional, let us communicate negative issues that will not appeal to the target buyer.

Save your home seller TIME and MONEY

  1. No delay-get your home seller help NOW to prepare the home quickly for listing(we know the longer it sits on the market it increases the chance of price reduction).
  2. Our detailed home staging report will help highlight the features of the home and our list of vendors are now available to your clients.
  3. Start marketing now!
  4. Get great online pictures with our mini staging demo using accessories we bring in to create “emotionally connections”to help increase the number of tours and offers to “get it sold”.

Call Michelle direct (818) 538-7864 and schedule a meeting to discuss the service and staging report the home seller will receive from our Pre-Listing Evaluation Walk-Thru. This is a perfect opportunity to use some of your marketing budget to add home staging to your strategy this year.

Let’s start working together NOW to make 2017 the best sales year ever!
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