Spring is around the corner, the sun will be shining and most of us will be spending more time outdoors. This is when we start thinking about the exterior of your home looking a bit tired but painting the house is not in the budget.

If you are looking for a quick fix or easy update to the exterior of your home, a new paint color for your front door may be the answer. A front door can add interest to the front of a house and improves the curb appeal when it’s painted the right color.

Don’t settle for the same old boring front door that is most likely white or the trim color. A front door color is a perfect opportunity to personalize your front door with color.

All it takes is a can of paint and a few hours of time to transform your boring front door into an introduction of the people inside.

Before you select a paint color for your front door, consider the following tips:

• The style of the door and trim that frames the door needs to be considered.

• Glass panels (sidelights) on the sides of a door will neutralize door color.

• If your house is a light neutral, white, beige or gray, a fun and fresh color is the best option.

• If your house is a darker beige or brown then a more muted or grayed-down color is a better option.

Now that you know what your options and limitations are, the next step is to pick a color.

Here is guide to popular door colors to help you find the perfect color for your front door.

Source HGTV

Yellow Front Door

Yellow is a bright and fun loving and cheerfully welcomes guest to your home.

A Yellow/green (Chartruse) Is a happy color that looks good with a blue or dark gray contemporary house.

Yellow also makes your house easy to find on the block, you can just say, it’s the one with the yellow door!

Source Pinterest

Blue Front Door

Blue is the most popular color, period.

Blue is a welcoming color. It can be calming, radiate positive energy and prosperity.

Lighter blues looks great with stained wood siding.

Darker blues are a good choice to pair with red brick.

Darker blue/gray looks great with stacked stone facades.

Vibrant blue rare in nature and is a great way to add a splash of color to an exterior.

Teal blue or Aqua blue combined with a gray or white adds a touch of “glam” .

Bright blue and white – fresh, classic feel, think Greece or blue & white pottery, add a slash of yellow will set off this color scheme (flowers / pots / pillows on bench or chairs).

Blue is a good choice if your house has an orange brick façade.

Source Sofia's Decor

Red Front Door

Red is bold, vibrant, full of life, and fun.

Red represents strength, energy, and happiness (feng shui).

If you feel daring, go full out Crimson Red or a Tomato Red (has a touch of orange) to a nice Rich Burgundy Red (has a touch of blue).

Reds is a good choice if your house has an red brick façade.

Source California Home+Design

Green Front Door

Green is the color of nature and works peacefully with most colors.

Softer green looks good with a darker cool exterior color (gray or tan).
Blue/green is a good choice with a stone or stacked stone façade.

Medium green is good with a warm neutral.

Bright green is good with bright white.

Green is good with wood stain siding.

Green is a good option with an orange or red brick façade.

Source Desire To Inspire

Orange Front Door

Orange welcomes your guest with a burst of energy.

Use carefully, best with a warm neutral wall color light to dark gray, brown or beige.

Orange looks best on a contemporary house.

Soft coral may be a bit unexpected and unconventional for a front door but looks amazing with soft gray/ white or light blue.

A Tomato orange with warm tan framed by large green plants is a warm and comforting color palette.

Source Afternoon Artist

Purple Front Door

Purple can add a bit of whimsy to a front door.

It can also be a way to bring unexpected attention to a front door that is recessed or partially hidden.

A purple door would be a good choice with a green/gray or taupe exterior.

Source Kylie M Interiors

Black Front Door

Although this is not a “bright” color, it can make a dramatic effect.

Black is elegant, dramatic and classic, if that is the feeling you want to convey.

It works well with almost any other color, but needs contrast or it will make your front porch look like a cave.

White trim around he door makes a black door pop.

Black is a good choice if the front of your house has a red brick façade.

A glass door with black wood trim is a good option if you want to avoid the black hole look.

If the front of your house has multiple materials (brick and stone) black may be the best option, it will not look busy or compete with other materials.

Source Pinterest

Pink Front Door

This is my favorite color door because pink is my favorite color. It says's I LOVE COLOR!

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